How to Contact Walmart Customer Service (2024)

Walmart, a world-leading retailer, is renowned for its commitment to providing consumer products at affordable prices. With a diverse range of shopping channels including in-store, online, and mobile, Walmart accommodates the needs of its customers in 20 countries.

Operating several eCommerce websites and over ten thousand retail stores, Walmart serves an extensive ecosystem of 240 million customers. To cater to the needs of this vast network, Walmart has established a robust customer service system that includes a self-service platform, multichannel support, and a 24/7 hotline.

In this article, we go through the different ways you can contact Walmart customer service. We have collated all the information so you can get the help you need whether you are a customer, seller, supplier, or advertiser.

Different Ways to Contact Walmart Customer Service

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To ensure that customers and sellers can reach customer service conveniently, Walmart offers support through multiple channels. You can contact them through phone, email, live chat, online forms, and social media platforms. Whichever your preferred method is, Walmart customer support representatives will strive to address your issues promptly.

1. Through the Walmart Service Desk

Most Walmart stores have a dedicated service desk where a customer service representative personally serves customers. Just go to the nearest Walmart store during its operating hours to get the help you need. Keep in mind that Walmart stores have different operating hours, so use the store locator first to check their opening and closing times before heading there.

2. Through the Walmart Hotline

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1-800-WALMART is the main contact number of Walmart customer service. That’s 1-800-925-6278. (Note: Some number recognition software might show this as “Walmart Vision & Glasses” when you call, but don’t worry—this is the main Walmart support number.)

Walmart changes the options at this number frequently, so from month to month, the way to speak to a real human changes.

When you call this number, you’ll hear a voice menu. Options include getting help with online orders or finding and contacting the store closest to you. Usually, using this to contact your local store will be the fastest and easiest way to speak to a human at Walmart. Just note that they can’t help with issues not related to their specific store, like your order not being delivered.

If you opt for help with a issue, you’ll find yourself in a voice conversation with a robot. She’ll ask you to state your problem and offer some suggestions on what to ask. She has a lot of info programmed in and may really be able to help you, so be sure to try asking your questions before demanding human support.

If you really need to talk to a human about an issue on, we were able to reach one by taking the following steps:

  1. State “Order won’t go through” as the problem.
  2. Wait for the confused robot to ask a question like, “You need help completing a return. Is this right?”
  3. Say “No.”
  4. Wait for the robot to ask if there’s anything else she can do to help.
  5. Say “Customer service.”

We were connected to a human with a wait time of less than one minute. (Note that this was in the middle of the business day on a Wednesday in April—the wait time might be much longer when more people are shopping.)

You really do have to jump through a few hoops like that before speaking to a human, by the way. If you just say “Customer service” immediately, the robot will insist you provide more info about the problem first.


3. Through the Walmart Help Center

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Walmart has dedicated help centers for different users. These pages serve as self-service platforms for the immediate resolution of common issues. To get personalized assistance and access to the entire knowledge base, log in to your Walmart account and follow the steps that apply to you below.

Guide for Walmart Customers and Members

Walmart customers can get the help they need through the Walmart Help Center. The page has an extensive list of categories that cover the most common issues Walmart customers, Walmart+ members, and Marketplace Sellers face. It provides users with information on how to troubleshoot or resolve their problems without having to wait for customer support.

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If you need more help, you can start a chat by clicking the Chat with us button at the bottom of the page. Note that you’ll need to sign in to your Walmart buyer account in order to start a chat.

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You’ll be connected with Walmart’s automated assistant (chatbot) at first. If it fails to help you, though, simply ask it a question like “Is it possible to talk to a human?” It will then give you options to connect with a real person at Walmart. In our tests, we got the option to start a chat with a support agent or to have a human call us.

How to Contact Walmart Customer Service (6)

Both options promised only a 1-minute wait.

Note: Giving a customer support article a thumbs-down as unhelpful won’t unlock contact options. You’ll simply be asked to provide feedback as to how the article could be more helpful.

Guide for Walmart Marketplace Sellers

For sellers, you’ll first want to log in to your Seller Center account so you’ll have access to all help materials and can open a case if needed. Then, access the help center at

Click on the support category your issue falls under. You’ll be taken to a help article at first, but if that doesn’t help, scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Get Support.”

How to Contact Walmart Customer Service (7)

You’ll then be asked to choose from a more specific list of issues.

How to Contact Walmart Customer Service (8)

After selecting the categories that describe your concern, you’ll be taken to a relevant help article or given the option to contact Walmart. In our tests, we were always given one contact option: open a case via email.

How to Contact Walmart Customer Service (9)

If you need help optimizing listings, winning the buy box, or outcompeting your rivals on Walmart Marketplace, there’s a better and faster solution: DataSpark. DataSpark can give you the kind of insider business intelligence that even most Walmart staff can’t provide.

Guide for Walmart Suppliers

Walmart also has a separate help center solely for suppliers. You’ll want to log in to your supplier account before you start looking for answers so you’ll have access to all support options.

Similar to Seller Help, there will be a list of categories to choose from. This broad category will be followed by more specific subcategories until your concern is better defined.

How to Contact Walmart Customer Service (10)

Once you go through the list of categories, you’ll be presented with a help article or the best contact options to address your case. If you only get an article that doesn’t answer your questions, look for “Did this solve your issue?” at the bottom of the page and click “No” to reveal your contact options.

How to Contact Walmart Customer Service (11)

For those without a supplier account, this is often limited to opening a case via email. Those who are logged in to their account on Supplier Center may have the option to chat with a live agent during office hours.

How to Contact Walmart Customer Service (12)

If you’re trying to recover money Walmart owes you for products you shipped, third-party help is available. The expert team at DimeTyd can work on your behalf to recover shortages so you can get back to running your business.

Guide for Walmart Advertisers

Walmart also offers a dedicated Advertising Help page for ad partners, TTD agents, agencies, suppliers, and 3P sellers. Here, you'll be asked to specify the type of support you need and the platform for which you require assistance.

How to Contact Walmart Customer Service (13)

Next, you’ll need to choose from several lists of categories until your concern is narrowed down to the most appropriate topic. If there are self-serve options available, these will be listed so you can immediately find and implement the solution to your problem. You’ll also be given the best contact options, which can include waiting for a response through email or chatting with a live representative.

How to Contact Walmart Customer Service (14)

4. Through the Walmart App

In 2011, Walmart released its app for Android and iOS. Since then, it has made shopping even more convenient for people who are always on the go. Aside from shopping, the app also allows users to enjoy membership perks and access app-exclusive features. If you have already downloaded the Walmart app on your phone, you can easily contact customer service through the app.

  1. Open the Walmart app on your smartphone.
  2. Tap Account.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and tap Help.

This will bring you to the Walmart help center, with the same options for accessing help articles or chatting with Walmart’s support bot discussed above.

Note: Giving a customer support article a thumbs-down as unhelpful won’t unlock contact options. You’ll simply be asked to provide feedback as to how the article could be more helpful.

5. Through Walmart’s Social Channels

Walmart has accounts on major social media platforms. You can send them direct messages, comment on their posts, or tag them in your post by reaching them at the following handles:

6. Through Email

It is no longer possible to email Walmart directly. If you look around the web, you may see mentions of the address, but this has been deactivated.

How to Contact Walmart Customer Service (15)

If you are a seller, supplier, or advertiser, you can send an email through the appropriate help site. See “Through the Walmart Help Center” above.

7. Through Live Chat Support

For customers, visit the Walmart website and log in to your account, then:

  1. Go to
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and choose Chat with us.

This will start a chat with Walmart’s automated assistant. However, if it isn’t able to answer your questions, you can ask to speak with a human. It will give you options like opening a chat or waiting for a call, along with estimated wait times for each option.

For sellers, suppliers, and advertisers, we were unable to find any live chat options. It appears Walmart has discontinued this kind of support. However, it may still be possible if you log in to your account, visit your help center (Seller Help, Supplier Help, or Advertising Help), and choose the right category at the right time of day.

What Services Does Walmart Customer Service Provide?

Now you know how to contact Walmart Customer Service. But what exactly can they help you with?

Well, they can help you with pretty much everything. Walmart Customer Service offers help for any issues that need resolution, the most common of which are the following:

1. Customer Orders

How to Contact Walmart Customer Service (16)

Got questions about your orders? Maybe you’re wondering about their status or you received a parcel with a missing item. Given that Walmart offers over 100 million products online, which are fulfilled from various sources including seller warehouses, Walmart stores, and Walmart warehouses, keeping track of orders can become complicated. You can get help from customer support to track your orders, pinpoint the reason for delayed delivery, or sort out item substitutions.

2. Returns and Refunds

Did you get a defective product? Not happy with your purchase? Depending on the specific terms and conditions covering your purchase, you can return the item and request a refund. Walmart Customer Service can guide you through the process. If your item is under warranty and is eligible for replacement, the customer service representative can assist you in processing this too.

3. Accounts and Payments

Need to change your payment method or secure your account? Walmart agents will walk you through it. They can help you with concerns regarding your account, Walmart Cash, and other payment issues. They’ll even help you find previous purchase history and old online receipts.

4. Product and Service Inquiries

Can’t find a particular item? Customer support can help you look for it. You can also request alerts when out-of-stock items are available again.

Aside from its retail arm, Walmart has other services including Pharmacy, Walmart Restored, Electronic Waste Recycling, and Walmart Pre-owned. If you have questions about these services, reach out to customer service and they’ll give you the lowdown on the distinct offerings of each category.

5.Walmart+ Membership

Thinking about joining Walmart+ but having trouble with the registration process? Walmart customer service can walk you through the account creation process. They’ll also help you make sense of billing and payments and inform you of the perks you’d get as a Walmart+ member.

6. Feedback and Complaints

How to Contact Walmart Customer Service (17)

Walmart values its customers and is always there to listen to them. If you had a not-so-great experience with an employee, the shipping process, product delivery, or anything else related to Walmart, send customer support a message so they can make things right.

7. Marketplace Concerns

Shopping on Walmart Marketplace? You can report dodgy seller activity to customer service. They can help resolve the issue if the seller is treating you unfairly or discourteously. Walmart customer service can also help you access seller reviews so you can find a reliable seller.

8. Policies and Guidelines

There are dozens of policies in place that protect the shoppers, sellers, and even Walmart itself. The Price Match Policy and Single-Use Bag Policy are pretty clear cut, but some policies can be quite confusing. Terms of use for subscriptions, gift cards, mobile alerts, ratings, and reviews may leave you confused as well. Contact customer service to have an agent (or at least a robot) break the policies down for you.

9. Marketplace Seller Concerns

Walmart Marketplace sellers can also get the help they need from support agents. They can assist in creating product detail pages, managing catalogs, optimizing listings, managing orders, and much more. They can also help you make sense of taxes and fees that affect third-party sellers. To help increase your revenue, you can also clarify policies and standards that impact seller performance metrics.

Of course, all this info is available to all sellers. If you want a real secret weapon for boosting your keyword rankings, buy box wins, and sales on Walmart, try DataSpark. DataSpark is a Walmart-approved solution provider used by companies ranging up to the Fortune 500 to gain a competitive advantage on Walmart Marketplace.

10. Supplier Issues

New suppliers still getting the hang of the Supplier Center can get help in navigating their supplier dashboard. A support representative will take the time to thoroughly explain how items like Retail Link, DSV onboarding, payments, and integrations work.

If you’re stuck arguing with Walmart over shipments you sent that you haven’t been fully paid for, there is an alternative. DimeTyd can fight on your behalf and help you recover your lost payments. With over $140 million recovered for their clients so far, you can trust DimeTyd to help you when Walmart won’t.

Successful Brands Value Customer Service

How to Contact Walmart Customer Service (18)

If there’s one thing that global brands Walmart, Amazon, Apple, Target, and Best Buy have in common, it’s excellent customer service. Gartner experts underscore the importance of making customer service a top priority. According to them, great customer service fosters brand loyalty and increases customer lifetime value. Ultimately, these lead to other positive outcomes that impact the company’s bottom line.

Walmart’s continuous improvement to its already robust customer support system shows how much it values customer service. In fact, the American Customer Satisfaction Index’s 2023–2024 Retail and Consumer Shipping Study shows Walmart gaining a 4% increase in customer satisfaction index both as a general merchandiser and an online retailer. Among the benchmarks for this index are the courteousness of the staff, call center satisfaction, and the helpfulness of customer support. This underlines the importance of providing accessible and convenient customer service, as Walmart does.

If you’re a Walmart seller or a brand looking to scale, enhance your customer support with the latest digital tools created specifically for ecommerce. Use Onsite Support to build your own help center with a customized knowledge base and live chat features. Leverage ChannelReply to deliver almost instant support thanks to canned responses auto-filled with Walmart order data.

These tools will equip you with resources that can help accelerate your business’s online growth. But don’t just take our word for it—see how Miko scaled their Walmart & Amazon operation with Onsite Support.

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How to Contact Walmart Customer Service (2024)
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