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DRAM (Dynamic Random Access Memory) Calculator is easy to use and effortlessly provides parameters to overclock your RAM. The quantity you need to overclock a RAM you can effortlessly measure with the help of a DRAM calculator from 1usmus.

Basically, the DRAM calculator is a Ryzen-based system but it has many updated versions. Currently, it is using the version of 1.7.3. Using a Ryzen DRAM calculator means you will get higher memory overclocks with better stability and better output at the end.

DRAM calculator is designed for ZEN and ZEN 2 architecture processors to work with 1st, 2nd, and 3rd generation Ryzen. In this discussion, we are going to guide you on how to use the DRAM Ryzen calculator.

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Using of DRAM Calculator Properly

If you want a better gaming performance from your device or you need more sweet juice of your RAM you need to overclock your RAM this discussion will take you to the right way. First of all, you need to download these applications tools:

  • DRAM Ryzen Calculator.
  • Thaiphoon Burner. (In case, you want to get your proper RAM information)

For the users of AMD Ryzen, the DRAM calculator from 1usmus is pretty useful because it provides accurate information to the user on what ideal values are needed for overclocking his RAM. This application is not very fun to use. The users need to remember that this application needs an adjustment to provide the best value to the users.

To get proper RAM information using Thaiphoon Burner we need to follow these steps:

  • Export the downloaded file to a preferred location
  • Open Thaiphoon.exe
  • Click on the Read button
  • Select your RAM. If you are using the same RAM sticks, pick just one of them
  • Click on the Report button
  • Scroll down and click on the Show Delays in Nanoseconds
  • Click on the export button and select Complete HTML Report
  • Save it to a preferred location- Desktop for example\

To Calculate Timing Valuers Using the DRAM Calculator we need to follow these steps:

At first, we will import the HTML report that we get from Thaiphoon Burner and calculate the timing values for your RAM.

1. Run the Ryzen DRAM Calculator

  • Extract the DRAM Ryzen Calculator to a preferred location
  • Run Ryzen DRAM Calculator(Version).exe

2. Filling Out the Basic RAM Settings

  • Processor: Select your processor generation at the dropdown menu. You can find a cheat sheet with CPU generations below.
  • Memory Type: Can be found in Thaiphoon Burner under the Report Tab. DRAM manufactured and DRAM Die Revision.
  • Frequency (MT/s): Select the desired frequency (the official RAM frequency), as you want e.g. 2600MHz/3200MHz.
  • Select the number of DIMM modules (Memory Sticks you have).
  • Select the motherboard chipset you have.
  • Leave DRAM PCB revision, Memory Rank, and BCLK Untouched.

3. Importing RAM information from Thaiphoon Burner

After putting the basic information inside DRAM Ryzen calculator, you can import the rest of the RAM information instead of manually inputting it.

  • Click on the Import XMP button inside DRAM Ryzen calculator
  • Locate the previously exported file Thaiphoon Burner and open it.

4. Calculating the RAM Timings

Click on the Calculate Safe button (or FAST) to calculate the timings. The safe calculation leaves some improvement room and is supposed to be more stable than fast calculation.

You can also differentiate timings from the current one by clicking Compare Timings (ON/OFF). This will help you to find the correct timing in BIOS to change.

You are almost close! All you need to do is to apply those calculations to your RAM by motherboard BIOS. Take a photo of the calculation results you have got via your smartphone and proceed with the guide.

The DRAM calculator can identify the overclocking parameters in a pretty simple way and deliver it to the user later. Other methods may want access to some important things or might be full of errors this is why using the DRAM gives the users accurate parameter values. On the contrary, this DRAM application gives you the best values alongside your standard values for XMP, SAFE, FAST, and EXTREME overclocking figures.

If you want to input your values to your BIOS then using DRAM is highly recommended. Whatever, if you are willing to take a risk to further explore with unpredictable values then put those values to ‘FAST’ and ‘EXTREME’ which is suggested by your DRAM calculator. Sometimes, a DRAM calculator comes with Ryzen AMD as a built-in memory checker which gives you permission to trial through the module. Through this process, you can analyze any errors that might give you a fruitful output in an unbalanced condition. Without facing the problem of memory module parameters, the DRAM calculator supplies a useful solution to AMD Ryzen users if the users want to overclock memory modules.

Bonus Tips: Benefits of Using DRAM Calculator

To enhance the performance of the users of AMD Ryzen processors, users first need to enlarge the frequency of RAM. To do so you can easily download the Ryzen DRAM calculator to your PC. There are some benefits as follows:

  • The tab contains updated information.
  • There is feedback.
  • Further recommendation in block CAD_BUS.
  • There is a button to compare timings and more.

People Also Ask (PAA)

Is it Worth Installing DRAM Calculator on My PC?

Yes, it is. Because using a DRAM calculator will provide your PC with much greater power with a bigger speed. But, make sure that you downloaded this application from a trusted source.

Are There Any Timing Tools for Ryzen RAM?

Yes, there is a free, simple, and easy-to-use application for observing memory timings on the Ryzen platform. The application name is ZenTimings. This application will show you all the important memory timings, voltages, infinity fabric, and memory controller clocks.

Wrapping Up

DRAM calculator is a very useful and simple tool. DRAM application will help you by calculating the correct speed of the computer’s RAM when you want to overclock your RAM. To overclock your RAM you need information for that you can use Thaiphhon Burner. You can use the Ryzen DRAM calculator from 1usmus. This application (Ryzen DRAM Calculator) will help you to calculate the timing values. Take precautions before overclocking the RAM and take benefits while using this application at the same time.

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  2. Bonus Tips: Benefits of Using DRAM Calculator
  3. People Also Ask (PAA)
  4. Wrapping Up

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